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April 09, 2012


Abby Ryan

Dear Gary,
As I posted on Facebook I,too, was not happy with my work. I am not a survior of cancer but a caretaker of my son, Steven. I know you must have faced difficult decision and treatment. Five years cancer free is awesome. I wish you luck with your new life. You need a "road trip" Our 35th class reunion changed my life. Going made me know I was just treading water and I needed to start swimming. Lossing my son was so difficult I needed to start living again and not just coasting through life.. Good luck with living again.

Graham Morehead

Wow, Gary, that's a lot to put in one post!

I agree with you on the cofounder question.

Best of luck on your next venture.

Gary Robinson

Thanks Graham!

Abby, I'll respond to you by email, using the address you gave when you entered your comment.... if you don't see an emailed response today please let me know!

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