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June 01, 2011


Mike Combs

Thanks! I didn't know about the help command, and the webdriver syntax is so verbose compared to the IDE syntax (1 line to get the element, 1 line to set it), that I figured I must be doing something terribly wrong.

anupam saini

Thanks Gary ,

I needed to prevent Selenium firefox profile from downloading images and css on my sites page .
Your tip was really helpful


Thank you so much for this post, I've been googling for a solution to this with Python & WebDrvier all afternoon. I was setting the first preference, but not the chrome one, and this fixed the problem. THANK YOU!

Greg Meece

Although it doesn't address what you're dealing with here directly, I've greatly enjoyed getting to know the Robot Framework for automated testing. It is written in Python, so that makes it very extendable. The Selenium2 Library also makes websites drop-dead simple to automate.

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