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October 17, 2009



typo error: nonBockingRawInput x nonBlockingRawInput

I also think that signal.alarm(0) is wrong. I needed to comment it in order to make it work.

Gary Robinson

Thanks for pointing out the typo in the function name.

But I don't know what to make of your comment about alarm(0). That's there to cancel the alarm once you've typed something in. It works under the Python versions I've tried. (Though note: as my post says at the top, this is only for unix-like OS's.)

See the example in the Python docs at the end of this page: http://docs.python.org/library/signal.html.

Anyone else have any experiences, pro-or-con, on that issue?

Also, if anyone has a version that works for Windows, I'd appreciate hearing about it!


Thats' really good stuff.

I have been searching for this for a while. Other recivpies, like http://code.activestate.com/recipes/134892/ are far more ugly!


Python for beginners

Thanks, this code has come in handy for me several times!! Too bad it's not cross-platform...

Hellmut Weber

Thanks for this post.
I use it now in a script where this problem bothered me for a long time.
Works on my debian 11 system with Python2.7 and Python 3.9, glad to have found it.

Best regards

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