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April 04, 2006



Do you still use moneydance. I recently downloaded a trial copy and am playing around with it.

Gary Robinson

I am still using it. Since writing the above post I found one negative -- the reports aren't really competitive with Quicken's. This only matters, for me, at tax time, so I didn't notice it at first.

BUT reports are currently going through a major rewrite. Based on the quality of the rest of the program, I think there's good basis for hope that they will be up to speed when the new version is released.


I downloaded Moneydance trial version for my Ubuntu desktop and my windows laptop. I noticed that the linux version doesn't maximize like it does on my Windows laptop and that the menu controls are a little buggy (i.e. the menu list disappears unless I hold down my mouse button.)

Is this related to me using Ubuntu? or is it the method of install or version of Java?

Gary Robinson

Sorry, dunno the answer to that -- I use MoneyDance on OS X -- the manufacturer has a mail list you can use for this kind of question.

accounting software

I think using Java of MoneyDance makes it available for any operating system.


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