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November 19, 2004



Each page at the 'pedia has a discussion page. You could have left a note there.

There is also a way of leaving comments in the wiki text that do not show up on broswers

Thirdly, you can leave a note before saving the page, in the little text entry field above "submit" which will show up as a revision not for that page, for your edit...



I hate to say this in such a blunt fashion, but you were probably just bleary-eyed. The options are visible to all logged in users. Better luck next time :)

Gary Robinson

Thanks. :)

Denise Bags

I take Wikipedia with a HUGE grain of salt, as half the times the articles appear to have been written by a teenage with grammar problems (and no access to spell check). That Wiki flubbed information about Princess Grace is no surprise... I've found articles on Wikipedia on several occasions and just shaken my head at how WRONG the information was. I'm sure they have wiki moderators, but do we really expect them to check and verify every bit of information (including celebrities lives from several decades ago?)
Interesting post though.

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