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August 09, 2004


Derek Sivers

Thanks very much for that. Great advice. I've also just recently learned about encapsulation the hard way: by doing the opposite for a few years, and feeling the pain. :-)

Hans Fugal

In my vocabulary, what you call elegance I call cleverness. The elegant solution to me is the one that you describe when talking about readability and encapsulation. I think we should be striving for elegance, and not cleverness, but we need to understand what really is elegant.

Gary Robinson

In my vocabulary, cleverness is not the same as elegance, although some "elegant" solutions are clever.

Also, I don't think that what I mean by readibility and encapsulation jibe very well with dictionary definitions of "elegance." In fact I think they can appear distinctly inelegant, as most people use the term. That is specifically the point I'm making.

If you have a different concept of "elegance" then what I'm saying won't mean anything to you. That's OK.

David Cantrell

I strive to write software that works and is maintainable. Do that with a bit of planning and you often end up writing what most people would call an elegant solution, plus you write it quickly so can bugger off to the pub early or read blogs.

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