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July 13, 2004


Diana (15 years-old, NY)

Beautiful. I cryed when Bob said him and George were great buddies. George loved Bob very much and that probably meant a lot to him. Peace and love up to the most generous and beautiful man...George Harrison. Great cover Bobby!!


why was dylan absent from "concert for george"?


Dylan's perormance a great cover? Dylan wrote the song, not Harrison. Dylan wasn't covering a Harrion song; Harrsion was covering a Dylan song. Each performance is very nice in its own way.

Gary Robinson

sh: You are extremely ill-informed. How someone as ill-informed as you could think you have something to say is beyond me. Have you ever heard of an album called Abbey Road? Have you ever seen the songwriting credits on it? Not to mention the innumerable comments in songwriting circles of Harrison's level of achievement with that song?

Or perhaps you're just a troll. A particularly dumb-sounding one, though.

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