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March 18, 2004



This is great! Also see my story about how this is better than Samba, Apache and Firefox together ;-).

Gary Robinson

Thanks for writing, I enjoyed your story!

Arlo Emerson

That made my day. So simple!


If it's too long, try

python -c 'from SimpleHTTPServer import test;test()'



Even more compact:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer


(Via masklinn's comment of Ed Taekema's blog post.)


in python3:

python3 -m http.server 8000

Gary Robinson

Thanks duffy, I'll update the post accordingly!

Gopal Shah

Great tip. I have a Linux machine with customized OS and there is no repository to apt-get install from. So it would have been a pain to install Apache.
Saved me days of work.

multiple ip hosting services

That's pretty simple but very useful. Thanks for sharing this stuff.

Paolo Dina

This is a great tip! To make it even shorter I added this alias to ~/.bashrc

alias http="python -m SimpleHTTPServer"

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