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October 02, 2010

Get yer mental health here!

A friend of mine, Tom Sulcer, with whom I like to harmonize on tunes like the Beatle's "If I Fell," posted a fairly massive article called "Mentally Healthy Mind" in a Google knowl. It touches on everything from deliberative democracy to Maslow to Spinoza. Did I mention that it's massive? My own impression is that most of the important understandings in life are largely unconscious and hard to modify through conscious deliberation, whereas Tom appears to try and leverage a conscious understanding of just about everything related to living a life. We'll see who's right by noting which of us plays better guitar at age 95.

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Thank you for mentioning my "Mentally healthy mind" knol on your highly-ranked Rant. I agree it's difficult for anybody to change -- so I don't know whether people reading my knol will improve, or if folks adopting your subconscious approach will fare any better. But I accept your challenge to have a guitar playing contest provided I get to pick the air guitar.

Posted by: tom sulcer at Oct 2, 2010 1:29:02 PM

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