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June 28, 2006



It's great that people are still interested in characters such as G. I found him extremely interesting. Maybe you have heard about the story about Einstein and G.
One November day in 1952, a colleague encountered Einstein on the street, and noting his unusually perturbed expression, inquired what was wrong.

"Gödel has gone completely crazy!" was the reply.
"Why, what has he done now?"
Einstein explained: "He voted for Eisenhower!"


Thanks Garry for commenting on my einstien Post.



I'll appreciate if you can help me to locate the movie with the scene you just described when Morgenstern , Einstein and Gödel
drove to Trenton.

I know is there… I just can't remember… I just finished Rebecca Goldstein book "INCOMPLETENESS, The Proof and Paradox of Kurt Gödel".

Gary Robinson

I didn't know it was in a movie, and so don't know what movie it is... but if you find it, I'd certainly appreciate it if you post it here!

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