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October 29, 2004

Do I really have to?

Well, I -- I think that, you know, it's an awful situation. I don't -- certainly things are not going to become -- I mean, Kerry will be like Clinton or maybe worse. He's -- people don't usually -- you know, they rarely surprise you in a good way; but I think that, yeah, it's important to tell the world that, you know, we didn't like this, the things that have happened under Bush. I think we have to make the statement -- that, you know, we don't want to go on that road anymore. So, you know, for me it's humiliating to vote for Kerry, because I don't respect him; but I would -- I will -- it's unpleasant, it's like killing a big rat that is running around your apartment. It must be done. But you're not proud of it. But you have to do it. So, we have to tell other people, I think, that, you know, we didn't approve. [Democracy Now interviewing playwrite/actor Wally Shawn]
I know what he means. The latest final word on the missing explosives almost did it for me. It now seems pretty conclusive that they WERE still there when our troops got there. And we did nothing to protect them because Bush hadn't supplied enough troops, and now they're being used against our troops and innocent Iraqis. That particular cache of explosives isn't the issue -- it's that the same situation must have played out many, many times in Iraq. If there weren't enough troops to protect one, there weren't enough troops to protect others.

Rumsfeld can say what he wants, and have his own reasons, but in the end it doesn't seem very smart to me.

I was mildly startled to see The Economist, a conservative magazine, endorsing Kerry. (Headline of the endorsement: The Incompetent or the Incoherent?) And they aren't alone. Bush's base appears to be slowly and painfully giving up on him, and embracing the alternative because there's no other option. By the way, the Economist's endorsement is well worth reading. It's the best writing I have seen yet on the choice for this election. I'm not even going to quote from it; click and read it yourself. There's too much excellent material there to choose.

Also see Kerry Haters For Kerry.

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